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Doreen Can’t See

Doreen’s been having a few challenges lately. She’s our newest chook, however she’s not that new. She’s probably lived here for 6 months or more now. As a new chook I understood a few of her quirks. She has to find her place. She has to get to know her new home. She has to … Read the rest

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Number 2 is 11

You’d think I’d be getting used to my girls growing up because they all are. I just filled out the form for baby girl to go to kindy yesterday. Kindy!!! Next year. Next year just isn’t so far away.

I’ve never been much of a motherhood planner. I have liked to say that having four … Read the rest

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But what if you don’t like me?

I’ve been putting off doing all this homework for my business. Like my business Facebook page mostly. And anything else that’s about promoting what I do for my work. I’ve been watching my resistance to it. I have an unpublished FB page pretty much ready to go. I’ve started on my website. It seems ridiculous … Read the rest