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PMT is for Pussies

I didn’t actually ever think I suffered tension around menstruation. Except the tension I feel about that actual word. It’s just ugly. Almost as bad a perimenopausal . Gag.

Anyhoooo, not the point of this. I just want to talk about my ignorance of my own moods and thank all the crazy, nasty PMT bitches … Read the rest

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A little (big) love story

They were lying in bed. She had been talking a lot about all kinds of things. Stories. The world. All kinds of things.

Then she went quiet. He sounded sleepy and it was late. They said goodnight, and probably kissed because she always wanted to do that before sleep.

He reached out in the dark … Read the rest

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Talking dirty with a biological scientist

*NOTE: This is a purely fictitious post. If you think you recognise anything familiar about any of the characters in this post it’s purely in your imagination. No-one was harmed in the telling of this story. Except possibly one mammary gland.

Once upon a time there was a couple who lived in a seaside town … Read the rest

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I’m sorry Sweden

Someone from Sweden reads my blog regularly. I know this because you can see what countries the people are from who read your posts, which is pretty cool. When I see Sweden in there I feel a bit funny (not haha funny, funny weird) so this post is for you Sweden.

I have only really … Read the rest