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The story of the weather

The weather was weaved into my childhood like a person. A moody and unpredictable type of person who had influence by what she gave and what she didn’t. I guess that would make her a woman. Prone to changing her mind. Spectacularly beautiful, harrowing, wild and angry, calm and divine, alive.

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Doreen Can’t See

Doreen’s been having a few challenges lately. She’s our newest chook, however she’s not that new. She’s probably lived here for 6 months or more now. As a new chook I understood a few of her quirks. She has to find her place. She has to get to know her new home. She has to … Read the rest

Change, Family, Pets

It’s a bit like a dog in storm…

I’m totally ready to go to bed. It’s been a massive weekend of the usual stuff – yoga and gymnastics, plays at the park, bike rides, food, movies, markets, family, friends, butt painting (because that what you do when you’re 3 and 6 and the weather is warm and there’s paint outside).


But now there’s … Read the rest

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Like a thief you stole my heart

OK, well not my heart – but my handbag, my wallet and all those cards, my sunglasses, my daughters best and favorite pink lipstick and my car and house keys. Luckily by some freak act of parking my car was blocked in, or I imagine I would be saying you stole my car too.

We … Read the rest

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Little Red wants out

Little Red is one of our chooks. She’s quite a little chook, and dark red. Hence her name. She has one of the most ordinary names of all our chooks. My favouritely named is Kevin, a gorgeous white silky hen. So not a Kevin.

Little Red has been missing in action (MIA) quite a lot … Read the rest