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PMT is for Pussies

I didn’t actually ever think I suffered tension around menstruation. Except the tension I feel about that actual word. It’s just ugly. Almost as bad a perimenopausal . Gag.

Anyhoooo, not the point of this. I just want to talk about my ignorance of my own moods and thank all the crazy, nasty PMT bitches … Read the rest

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Welcome to the Hellidays

Yep. It’s going to be whinge central. So if you’re not bothered with whinging or my middle-class Bogan drama please stop reading. If you feel the need to tell me to feel grateful for the opportunity to go on overseas holiday and that I have healthy children, please just don’t. Not today. Not ever. I … Read the rest

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There’s a half told story about a girl who went to University to become a Marine Biologist.

Not for very scientific reasons (she’s now prepared to admit) but because it sounded like an adventure. And it was. She moved from her home to the furthest point on the continent on which she lived to study … Read the rest